3 Common Causes of Trenchless Sewer Line in San Diego, CA

Trenchless Sewer Line

Trenchless sewer line in San Diego, CA is offering unique trenchless repair and replacement services. Here are the three common plumbing problems and causes that will require trenchless repair methods.

Tree Roots in sewer Lines

This is one of the major problems that require trenchless sewer line repairs. The tree roots either break the pipes or clog the pipes up causing several problems in San Diego, CA. The perfect trenchless repair practice here is to send a closed circuit TV camera through the sewer line system as well as in the affected sewer lines. This enables us to locate the points with problems like tree roots, as well as then resolve these problems using the right methods.

Water jetting or hydro-Jetting is a practice of sending a highly powered spinning head with high pressure water into the line. A range of diverse spinning heads are utilized depending on the kind of obstruction. The head rotates so rapidly and with the water pressure force it dices and slices through the obstructions in the sewer line. After this you can use other trenchless repair methods to ensure that your sewer line is clean and in good conditions.

Broken or Collapsed Pipes

A lot of older sewer lines are constructed with clay or plastic pipes and they become brittle over time. If the sewer lines are old and very brittle they will be damaged by shifting of the earth around them. Sometimes the sewer line can be broken by poor installation practices. Homes which were built in the 50’s and 60’s use Orangeburg, which is notorious for weakening hence causing mayhem with sewer line plumbing systems.

Using closed circuit TV cameras we are able to locate the collapsed points of the pipe in your sewer line. For Orangeburg or clay piping, pipe bursting technique is best for the collapsed sewer line. Using the pipe bursting technique which is one of the major trenchless sewer line replacement methods we put in place a new sewer line in place utilizing a high-powered winch.

Pipe Corrosion

Depending on the type of material the pipes are made of, the liquid running through the pipe, and whether the pipe is in the ground or wall will play a role in how fast the pipe corrodes. Trenchless sewer line in San Diego has repaired sewer line which was initially made of iron because it is not protected for corroding. Minerals in the water supply, mainly for those using well water causes increased corrosion inside the sewer line pipes.

Trenchless sewer line in San Diego has got several methods to repair and replace these pipes depending on how they are corroded and where the pipes are. Slip-lining of the pipes is the quickest, affordable technique, as well as is perfect for situations where numerous, small diameter pipes require relining.


The above are the three main causes of trenchless sewer line in San Diego, CA, trenchless sewer line is the perfect solution for tree roots in sewer line, broken pipes, as well as pipe corrosion as trenchless sewer line repair uses The latest technology used in trenchless sewer line replacement offers joint less piping which prevents off-set pipes, cracks, as well as tree root evasions, which are common for older piping materials.