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Cppdoc.com is a unit employed in taking up contracts for re-doing up underground sewer pipes. Conventional methodology for this requires a lot of digging up of the surface soil, road, side street or the top layer of any place which is covering the problematic area. However, the latest technology being used nowadays involves very little digging up.
The process of trenchless sewer repair constitutes digging just a small hole or two which is just a few inches in its width at most to get access to an underground laid sewer pipe. A very minimal amount of digging up results in very little displacement of the top soil layer.
Trenchless sewer repair can be done in two ways. The first is pipe lining, and the second is pipe bursting. Before deciding on which course of action is better, an inspection of the damaged portion with a video camera placed on a line which is placed inside a pipe is done. The pictures from the video camera come onto a monitor screen. This act will allow the inspectors to determine the extent of damage. After this, the team ascertains what is to be done next for ideal repair work of the portion which has been damaged.