How and Why to Choose the Best Civil Earthworks Contractor for All Construction Projects?

Earthwork Contruction

Construction planning is fundamental to your civil earthworks project’s success. You will use your construction plan to develop the budget and schedule for work. Part of planning includes choosing technology, defining the work tasks, estimating resources and durations for tasks, and identifying dependencies or interactions between tasks. Finally, planning a successful construction project is deciding about the relationships between project participants, particularly which civil earthworks contractor to choose.

How to choose a civil earthworks contractor

You must consider appropriate technology and construction when choosing a civil earthworks contractor. These are critical ingredients in your plan to help it succeed. For example, a decision whether to pump concrete or transport it in buckets will directly affect the cost and time involved in construction. You should consider each transportation method’s relative costs, reliabilities, and equipment availability.

Different civil earthworks contractors may use alternative methods and technologies from which you must choose. You may need to consider different construction plans based on the method or assumptions these contractors use. Only when you’ve laid out the different plans, can you test the alternatives for cost, time, and reliability of approaches.

Expect to examine different alternatives if you’re using a bidding competition for your civil earthworks project. You can include in your Request For Proposal that contractors prepare plans for each alternative design based on a construction method you suggest. You can also request they prepare plans as part of the value engineering process.

Using a computer simulation to compare the different plans will help you examine the merits and drawbacks of each plan. For example, if one company plans to use a particular piece of equipment on the construction site, you immediately need to know if there is sufficient access space for it. Three-dimensional models in a CAD system will help you simulate space requirements and identify interferences.

Why you want to choose the best civil earthworks contractor

The choice of civil earthworks contractor is a game-changer for any construction project. Here are a few must-haves when choosing the best contractor:

  • Senior management with experience delivering projects of $3 billion and more
  • A company that delivers on time and on a budget—consistently
  • Civil earthworks company with the constructible experience to ensure cost and schedule certainty
  • One who can provide recommendations and actions to save time and money
  • A company that provides in-house survey teams tasked with identifying opportunities to move less dirt
  • Management who understands the value of investing in new technology for equipment like GPS units
  • Staff trained in equipment, technology, and innovation techniques
  • A civil earthworks contractor who makes strategic acquisitions to enhance and grow their integrated site works
  • One who offers full-service earth moving, surveying, design, and site development services

Choosing the best civil earthworks contractor for all your construction projects means you’ll have top-tier solutions. It also means using the most advanced and efficient technology and equipment to keep your project on time and on a budget—which is what every construction project owner wants and needs.