Design Features of an Efficient Healthcare Medical Cart

Healthcare Medical Cart

There are now many options for healthcare medical carts available on the market. Medical carts can be used for anything from allowing nurses to accurately update patient records on the spot, to medicine distribution and carrying important monitoring or life-saving equipment.

Here we take a look at the features which make an efficient medical cart. Keep these features in mind when you are looking to purchase medical carts for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Hot-swappable batteries

This is an absolute must for an efficient medical cart. What this means is that an empty battery can be swapped out and replaced with a fully charged battery without any downtime. So there is no productive time lost with the process of shutting down and then rebooting any onboard computer or equipment.

It is also critical that the batteries on the cart last well and it is very easy for the user to see how much battery power is remaining.

Up-to-date Technology

Whether you are wanting to use an existing laptop, or obtain carts which incorporate monitors, keyboards or scanning devices, they need to have the latest technology. We all know how quickly technology ages, so an efficient medical cart is one that utilizes and is compatible with the newest technology. This includes the hardware on the cart, and also the connectivity technologies incorporated.

Adjustable and ergonomic

A medical cart is going to be used around the clock, by various nurses and physicians. Each staff member needs to be able to work an efficient manner, so for a cart to be efficient, it needs to be adjustable. Look for medical carts which can be quickly and easily height adjusted.

The medical cart should also maneuver easily and quickly in tight spaces and over obstacles like cables on the ground. Large sturdy swivel wheels and low weight are key requirements.

Ensure your staff avoids undue stress and strain from working in an unergonomic situation – this is critical to keep everyone working at their best and providing high-quality care.

Small footprint

A medical cart should be efficient to use and provide workflow efficiencies through the functionality it provides. It also needs to not take up too much room to do its job. Medical carts with a small and efficient footprint are best for staying out of the way when not used and also when moving them from one place to another around the hospital.

Customized Medical Cart Options

Not every hospital runs the same way – the facility workflow and issues which the cart needs to resolve vary. In some cases only customized healthcare medical carts will provide the most efficient solution. This way all functionality is available together and in the right combination to suit the care that needs to be given. Look for a supplier who can create a custom cart configuration to suit your requirements.