Diagnosis and Treatment to Remove Genital Warts at Home

Genital wart home removal-and-genital-wart-remedies

Clinical Strength Somxl® can be used to remove genital warts at home. At Waldon Research we have spent many years researching and updating the process to focus on what our customers really want from a genital wart treatment.

We have found that it’s not just about the removal of the genital warts. Customers don’t want to suffer painfully during the process, manytreatments on the market can cause pain while removing genital warts, we have formulated a cream that is gentle for the sensitive skin of the genital area.

Customers wanted to know the product was safe and easy to use. Clinical Strength Somxl® is a FDA certified wart remover which means we have followed the safety guidelines of the FDA and been approved. It was also extremely important to customers that when they were rid of the genital warts that they were left with un-scarred smooth skin. For this Clinical Strength Somxl® has added a second active-ingredient that increases the ability of the skin to renew itself. We infused oxygen into our formula treatment to achieve this.

Finally privacy and the ability to remove genital warts at home was very important. We provide discreet ordering online that does not give the name of the product on your statement. We also send you the treatment directly to your home in a plain package that does not say what the product is inside.

Diagnosis is important and can sometimes be difficult with genital warts, in some cases the Doctor or Nurse will wipe the area with a mild acetic acid and that will highlight the warts by making them go white. The Doctor or Nurse will then look at the whitened objects with a colposcope which magnifies the object to determine if they are warts.

For a female, it is important to have pap tests and a regular pelvic exam, which will help see any cervical or virginal changes that maybe be linked to genital warts. Genital warts can lead to cervical cancer. When caught early treatment is very positive.

Clinical Strength Somxl® is there for you to remove genital warts at home safely and without the painful side effects experienced with many other over the counter treatments. Its extra added ingredient of oxygen restores your skins healthiness so that no marks or scars are left once the wart or warts are removed. Your privacy is assured with all our purchases, our treatment is shipped directly to your home in a plain unmarked package.