Grabbing the Attention of Online Users


In a contemporary society where online activity continues to rise, the digital marketplace has been pushed to the forefront of consumer purchasing habits. Consequently, online advertising has become a vital area of focus for companies looking to reach digital consumers.

Many companies increasingly employ the help of an online advertising agency, as a foray into this marketplace presents a myriad of challenges. The Internet possesses a wide array of captivating stimuli, so standing out amongst the clutter remains no easy feat. To grab the attention of online users, a few cornerstone principles should be adopted.

Capturing initial attention

Because online users surf the Web with such rapid pace—rarely staying on a given page for more than a dozen seconds—getting them to first notice an advertisement is critical. To first catch the eye of a digital shopper, two primary methods may be employed: using animation and using content with human faces.

Animation presents an effective means of capturing attention because it registers in the peripheral vision of the user. Detecting peripheral movement in the environment has long been an essential survival skill. Online advertising seeks to harness this instinctual ability. Furthermore, advertising that displays movement likely holds the attention of users for a longer period due to its dynamic nature.

Individuals also instinctually notice human faces, which stand out the most amongst visual objects. People automatically recognize the human facial shape as something familiar. Online advertising agencies oftentimes put this to good use by incorporating human faces into digital content.

Structuring the content to incorporate a narrative

Storytelling reaches the consumer in a way that certain fact-driven advertisements cannot. Even a non-animated advertisement can still present glimpses of a story.

The most effective narratives appeal to the emotional nature of online users, even tapping into primal desires such as the excitement of danger, the allure of sex, and the need for food. Emotional appeals also prompt the greatest degree of action from the viewer—an important component in impactful advertising.

Providing relevant information depending on consumer psychographics

While emotional advertising reaches a certain aspect of human nature, logic also registers with online users. However, it remains important to refrain from bogging down digital users with superfluous information.

Relevant and concise information can reach consumers without overwhelming them through information overload—a problem at the heart of Internet activity.

Final thoughts

Because the online marketplace presents a challenging opportunity for companies, working with an online advertising agency represents the best way to effectively navigate this burgeoning consumer medium. Using an online advertising technique such as pay-per-click marketing even provides a way for an advertising agency to give measurable feedback about digital activity and the quality of advertisements.

Ultimately, capturing the attention of online shoppers will become a necessity as brick-and-mortar stores increasingly phase out of use. Optimizing this opportunity can be done best done by partnering with an online advertising agency and heeding the aforementioned guidelines to capture user attention.