How to Deploy a Folding Knife

Folding Knife

In a dangerous situation, would you know how to quickly and correctly deploy your folding knife?

Learning how to deploy your folding knife quickly is not something that comes easily. However, it can be done. If you ever find yourself in a life or death situation, you will want to know how to deploy your folder in a timely manner and be able to defend yourself. Continue reading to learn about the best folding knife for self-defense.

Deploying your knife effectively from a carry position can be broken down into two smooth moves. These moves can be made in under two seconds once you are used to the motions.

  • Remove your folding knife from its carried position

This is referring to how you pull your knife from your pocket, purse, or other concealed area.

If you have ever carried a handgun, the method of removal is very similar. You will reach into your pocket or purse with the hand on the corresponding side, and grip your knife. Next, in one fluent motion, you will lift your hand and knife up out of your pocket. Bring the knife out in front of you, ensuring that you distance yourself from the knife enough that when the blade is deployed, you do not cut yourself.

  • Deploy the blade from its folded position

Now that your weapon is out of its carried position, it is time to deploy the actual blade of your knife. Over the years, folding knives have become more advanced and easier to deploy.

Years ago, you had to fight with a folded knife that had no way to deploy it except to dig a thumb nail from the opposite hand into a small slit in the base of the blade. This took more time and was not efficient if you needed to deploy your blade while your other hand was busy.

In more recent years, knives have come a long way. Most folding knives you find today are easily deployed, and there are many options depending on what you want.

Some folding knives have a button or spine that you press, and this deploys the blade for you. These are much easier to deploy one-handed and are the best folding knives for self-defense. Once the knife is out in front of you, push the button or spine. The blade will deploy, and your knife will be ready to use.

Other folding knives have either a slotted “grip,” a little knob, or a small finger hole on the base of the blade. In these cases, once the knife is out in front of you, place your thumb (on the hand your knife is in) on these areas. Apply outward and upward pressure. The tension on the blade will release, and the blade will spring open. Your knife is now deployed!

Once you are more accustomed to these motions, you can perfect them with repetitive practice. With consistent practicing, you will be able to deploy your folding knife faster and smoother each time.