How to Know if You Have Rats in Your Home and Why Rats Are a Problem

Rats in Your Home

Rats can be a major problem in an average household, especially the one with children! They are one of the most common rodent species in the US alone, and are of two kinds- the Norway rat species, and the Roof Rat species. The species are said to have infiltrated the American borders in the 17th and the 18th centuries. They can cause problems as they can easily invade our homes and can gnaw on our belongings, drop feces, and thereby spread all kinds of diseases.

If you cannot really see rats directly, but are suspecting a rat infestation in your home, then the following article is for you!

There are various signs to look out for, when you are suspecting a rat infestation in your home. Rats are nocturnal animal species. They are active in the night, therefore, their major presence can be felt after the sun leaves your vicinity. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for all kinds of rodent signs. The following are some very common signs that one might come across:

●Actually seeing a live rat or even a dead rat.
●Scratching noises, and other such noises from the attic, basement, or the corners and cabinets of your house.
●Piled up nesting material found in some corners
●Gnawing evidences on wooden structures and wires.
●Any kind of burrow formation around your home.
●Smudged markings across your home- your walls, your carpets
●Rodent hair in your home

These all are signs that there is a rodent infestation in your home. Their presence can cause major forms of damages and problems:

They can, first of all, dig burrows to sustain their whole family. Because of their digging actions, they can cause the weakening of the foundation of the house. The stability becomes an issue eventually. In fact, they can also block sever lines. Apart from all this, rats are known to be climbers, and because of them being able to climb they can damage the wooden structures as well as the wiring of your house. If you happen to have trees in your backyard, then they can also climb onto them to feed on the fruits.

Another major problem, a rat infestation can cause is the causation of diseases. Rats can easily spread diseases through biting things/ food items that are going to be in direct contact with humans. This way all the disease are transferred to us. Diseases like salmonellosis, rat fever, leptospirosis, plague, and murine typhus are the common ones.

These are some of the prime reasons to have a rodent control service at your home. A rodent control service is going to be able to control and prevent the spread of rats in your household, with the help of the means of sanitation as well as exclusion. Sanitation purposes can be achieved by you, the homeowner. You can be successful at keeping these rodents away from you, whereas for the exclusion part, you would require our help. We can reduce the rat infestation opportunities, and rodent proof your premises with our special techniques.