How to Repair an Underground Water Pipe in Breckenridge, CO?

Underground Water Pipe

Breckenridge is the most populous municipality/town of Summit County. As such it is vital for the town to have a flawless water distribution system for a number of reasons. One of the best ways to ensure that the town has the best plumbing is by arresting all the underground piping leakages.

Some of the tips that may come in handy when repairing a buried water pipe include:

  • Plan and prepare adequately so as not to be found off-guard. Be ready and well equipped for the worst case scenario.
  • Get all the updated building codes relevant to the plumbing exercise
  • Liaise with other companies whose pipes may be also buried in the same area as the pipes you intend to work on such as gas lines and electricity lines.
  • Excavate a hole big enough for you to work in
  • Always take evidence of the repair for future reference. A simple photo could do
  • Below is a step by step procedure on how to arrest underground water leakages.
  • Identifying the leak

You cannot repair a problem that does not exist. So for you to do an underground pipe repair, you will first have to locate it. Some of the signs that show an underground water leak include:

  • Unusual water spots on the ground surface
  • Drop in flowing water in faucets connected to groundwater piping
  • If paved surfaces start to either crack or heave
  • Occurrences of sink holes and potholes
  • Unexplained sudden increase in water bills
  • Turn off water from the main distribution line

Assuming that your repairs are not on the main distribution line. You will need to close the valve that allows water into the pipe under repair. In case the work is being done on the main line then it will need to be turned off from the reservoir.


Excavate a hole/trench with which you will be able to access the affected area for repair. Unless there is need for you to replace a whole pipe/piping, dig a reasonably sized hole. This will not only enable efficient repairs, but also save you time and energy.

When digging, keep in mind that there may be other piping buried in the same locations. In piping designs, water lines are usually buried deeper than communication lines. Be careful not to interfere with them. Better be safe than sorry.

The leak

Identify and assess the leak to assert the best way to go about its repair. You can turn on the water valve for a while to help you through this process.


After determining the most appropriate way to repair the leak, it is not time to get to work. Take note that this includes uprooting the pipe or even the whole piping system and replacing it with a new one. Link your repairs with the rest of the plumbing system. To prevent leaks it is vital seal the pipe entrance points into buildings.

Test run

Open the valve that allows water into the just repaired line to make sure that there are no leakages. Seal the trenches if there are no leakages.