How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works in Northridge, CA?

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Traditional methods for repairing underground sewer pipe require tearing up your yard, the sidewalk, or maybe a part of the street. Luckily, newer methods are available that will save your yard from having any kind of extreme excavation. The use of trenchless sewer repair is a process which does not require digging to access a sewer pipe. You may be be surprised at how trenchless sewer repair works in Notrhridge, CA.

Just as the name of the process implies, trenchless sewer repair is a method used to repair underground sewer pipes without needing to use heavy equipment to dig a large hole or trench. There is still digging that is needed, but any damage to a yard or landscape is very minimal. Since replacing landscaping will often be costly, options that minimize damage are preferred over traditional methods.

The Methods

There are two methods that can be used for trenchless sewer repairs necessary at residential homes and commercial businesses. One option is pipe lining and the other is pipe bursting. Both of these solutions for sewer pipe repair offer significant benefits. However, you might be interested in exactly how each of these trenchless sewer repair methods actually work.

An Inspection

Before any work can begin on an underground sewer pipe, an inspection is needed. An inspection for any underground pipe is done visually using a video camera. The camera is on a line which is being fed into the pipe and an image is displayed on a monitor. A visual inspection allows plumbers to know how much piping is damaged and determine the actual length of the pipe.

Method of Repair

Once the inspection is completed, the method of repair can be determined. This is also when the plumber will determine the best place to access the sewer pipe. The next step is to flush out the pipe by applying a rooting or hydro-jetting solution. After the sewer pipe has been cleaned, access holes need to be made for the repair process.

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is one of two methods which can be used for trenchless sewer repair. This method places a new sewer pipe inside the old pipe by applying an epoxy. A pipe liner coasted coated with a resin or an epoxy is inserted into the old sewer pipe and is inflated. Sewer pipes that are deteriorated due or age or could have a problem with tree roots are good candidates for the pipe lining repair process.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the other method that can be used for trenchless sewer repair. Unlike the process that is used for pipe lining, pipe bursting actually replaces the old pipe. A new pipe is being pulled through the old pipe, which will break it as it goes. This process leaves a new pipe in place that will last for decades and will be resistant to all types of damage, including intrusion from animals and tree roots.

One to two small holes need to be dug in the yard to access the sewer pipe. This minimizes the damage to landscaping and greatly reduces the cost of the repair work. The best part is the work will be done in just a few hours.