Natural Treatment Options for Hip Pain

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For pro-athletes, the elderly, and people who live with arthritis, hip pain is a common occurrence. So, how do you manage this pain and eventually cure it naturally? There are several hip pain treatment options for you, and we will discuss four methods to improve your quality of life, here.

As you move your legs, the hip joint experiences motion and friction, and the fluid in the joint keep it well lubricated to manage the friction. However, with years of running, infections, accidents, and growing older, the fluid provides less of a cushion. Gradually, the hip discs begin grinding together, or you tear the hip ligaments and tendons and eventually, the pain kicks in.

Natural Pain Relievers

When the hip pain is due to tendon or a muscle strain, tendinitis, or osteoarthritis, it can be excruciating and inflamed. Natural pain relievers such as Ginseng, Valerian root, and Kava Kava numb the pain and lower the inflammation. Unlike conventional medicine, these natural remedies have no side effects, and they are gentle on your gut – they don’t kill the good bacteria.

Exercises and Therapy

Exercising strengthens your muscles, and as a result, improves the support and endurance of the hip joints. Exercises that target the hip muscle include back pushups and squats. With back pushups, you simply lie on your back, bend the knees and hold your ankles with your hands. Then lift your buttock up and down as you tighten your abdominal muscles, just like you do with standard pushups. Do not to arch your back.

Other important muscles to target are the thigh muscles, both inner and outer. They offer additional support to your hip joint. You can exercise them by lying on your back and holding them together with an object in between. In other words, you’re using the thigh muscles to grasp and hold that object.

After a successful hip pain treatment in West Bloomfield, MI, therapy helps you to regain back your mobility. It takes time, but with commitment, most patients recover fully.

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Treating the Inflammation

Ice packs, herbs, and aromatherapy oils work fast to reduce the swelling and promote fluid drainage. You can ice the joint as many times as necessary to reduce the pain. However, do not try hot water treatment unless you are sure of the cause. It will only make the pain worse.

Herbs that work include turmeric, ginger, basil, and green tea, while the aromatherapy oils include thyme, bergamot, and eucalyptus oils.

You can use these herbs and oils in your bath water, massage them directly onto the inflamed areas, or ingest them orally.

Diet and Supplements

If you opt for any of the above natural hip pain treatment, combine them with a good diet that promotes self-healing. Supplements such as calcium, glucosamine, vitamin D, and chondroitin sulfate play a significant role in regenerating the hip tissue.