Recent Changes in Worker’s Compensation Laws

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The workplace constantly changes and adapts to make room for new technology and innovation. Similarly, worker’s compensation laws have also been changing. Unfortunately for injured workers and their families, some of the most recent changes in worker’s compensation laws favor the employer and the employer’s insurance companies. In order to combat these recent changes in the worker’s compensation claim process, it is important that injured parties obtain proper legal representation who will fight for their rights.

Insurance companies regularly try to deny worker’s compensation claims and avoid paying the fair compensation that injured workers are entitled to. Worker’s compensation claims require hardworking attorneys who will negotiate and obtain settlements that provide fair compensation for their clients.

Changes in the Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

Each state has their own procedure governing worker’s compensation claims. While some states may follow similar structures, the ins and outs of each state’s laws are very complex. This complexity is one of the biggest reasons that injured parties should acquire the help of experienced legal counsel who has a proven track record of obtaining generous settlements for their clients.

Hard-working attorneys are well versed in the laws governing the claim process of worker’s compensation. Selecting an experienced attorney who is familiar with these claims is essential to obtain proper compensation.

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Changes in Statute of Limitations

Some of the most common changes regarding worker’s compensation laws are the statutes of limitations. The statutes of limitations determine how long an injured party has to file their claim. If the injured party waits too long, and the statute of limitations period has run, the injured party will no longer be able to file their claim.

When filing a worker’s compensation claim it is essential for the injured party to adhere to the deadlines required by state law. Some states have recently reduced the amount of time an injured party has to file their claim. These recent changes have drastically affected the worker’s compensation claim process. An experienced local attorney can help manage and keep track of these various deadlines, ensuring no claim goes unfiled.

Reduction of Awards for Selected Injuries

Facing increasing pressure from employers and their insurance companies, many state legislatures have begun reducing the types of injuries that qualify for worker’s compensation awards. These laws have been tightened and make it harder for injured workers to receive the compensation they require. However, with the help of experienced legal representation, injured workers will be able to rest assured knowing that their claim is in good hands.

Attorneys who specialize in worker’s compensation cases are well aware of the most recent changes in the laws regarding these claims. Because the laws of each state are constantly in flux, keeping track of these changes can be difficult, and that is why it is a necessity for the injured party to obtain a qualified legal advocate to fight for their rights.