Storing Drums in Warehouses

drum pallet racks

If you store drums in your warehouse, it’s possible that you’re dealing with hazardous or flammable materials. Companies who work with this kind of product must adhere to strict storage guidelines laid out by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration — or OHSA — designed to prevent personal injury.

Depending on the nature of the materials contained inside the drums you are storing, you may also need to abide by additional rules set out by the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Uniform Fire Code regulations.

For instance, drums cannot be stored near open flames or any other sources of heat, and fire extinguishers must be situated in every drum storage area. Meanwhile, apparatus used to store drums of 55 gallons or more must include a pan that can hold at least 35 percent of their contents in the event of a leak.

There are four main drum storage solutions.

1. Modular drum storage racks

The best modular drum storage is typically made of double-welded steel and can store up to five drums in a vertical formation. This storage system allows workers to easily access a specific drum without having to relocate the other drums around it.

2. Portable drum storage racks

If your warehouse sees a high turnover of stock, portable drum storage can be of benefit to you, allowing for far greater ease of movement. These storage racks are usually made of steel, making them incredibly robust.

3. Drum pallet racks

If you’re storing larger drums, legislation dictates that you must use specially designed drum pallet racks with barriers to prevent injuries and spills. Drum pallet racks allow you to stack drums vertically and securely, maximizing your storage space and keeping your employees safe from harm.

4. Drum storage racks

Drum storage racks tend to suit businesses with a lower turnover of stock better than portable or pallet-based alternatives. Good drum storage racks are made of heavy-duty steel and, much like drum pallet racks, they incorporate safety barriers on each side to protect both your stock and your workers.

Drum pallet racks are not only one of the most efficient drum storage methods, making the most of the vertical space in your warehouse, they are also one of the safest. Even if your state’s health and safety rules don’t require you to use drum pallet racks, you may find them a more effective method of storing your product.

If you are interested in sourcing any of these drum storage systems including reliable, high-quality drum pallet racks in Michigan, search local business listings for a reputable warehouse storage solution provider.