Tips to Minimize Downtime During Pipe Lining Operations with Modern Equipment in Mesa?

Pipe Lining Operations with Modern Equipment

Pipe lining operations have drastically changed over the years. In the past, there was a lot of work that went into fixing any problems that occurred underground. There was the need to have heavy equipment tear up the poperty, in order to even reach the pipes. The exact location of the problem wasn’t known so therefore, more of the ground had to be dug up, to determine where the problem was. This, naturally, was a drawn out process and was a heartache for homeowners. Technology has, however, come a long way and there is now a method called trenchless that has changed the way these pipes are repaired.

What is the trenchless method and how does it work?

Trenchless is the term used to describe a method for repairing underground pipes, without digging large trenches. Depending on the actual issue you are experiencing, there are different forms of trenchless that can performed to fix the problem. Some of the more common methods include creating a new pipe within the old pipe cleaning, known as cured in place pipe, and another requires replacing the pipe through a process called pipe bursting. Cured in place pipe is a procedure where a liner covered in resin is blown into the pipe. It will then adhere to the pipe and essentially give you a whole new pipe. The material in the liner will ensure that the pipe won’t experience any further damage for years to come. Pipe bursting is a procedure that involves inserting in a new pipe while “bursting” the old pipe, at the same time. This method is very effective and will give you a whole new pipe, without have to dig a large trench to do so.

How long is the downtime for pipe lining operations?

If you use the traditional way of doing repairs, the timeframe will be longer. It will simply depend on how big of a problem you have and what is going to have to be done to fix it. With heavy equipment having to dig up your yard, this can mean not having water for some days. This is a big inconvenience for families and might mean staying elsewhere temporarily until the work is done. However, if a trenchless method is used, the downtime is drastically less. Trenchless is praised for being a process that can be done in as little as 24 hours, depending on the procedure performed. This is great news for homeowners because there isn’t a need to have to stay away from home and it gets you back to your regular daily routine, fast.

No one wants to have to deal with unexpected problems but they do happen. The trick is to take the proper measures in the beginning to prevent paying for it in the end. If however, you do have problems in the future, trenchless is definitely the way to go. The price will be friendlier on your pocket, the damage will be less to your property, and the downtime will be as little as one day.