Types of Work Platforms for Warehouse Operations

Mobile aerial work platform

Whether you’re building a new production facility or looking to expand your existing operations, a professional distributor of storage equipment can assist you with designing and installing the optimal work platform for your warehouse.

There are many work platforms for sale at distribution centers. So, what kind of work platforms are out there? There are two main types of work

platforms that are used for warehouse operations. Make sure you keep the exact purpose of the platform in mind, because that will be the biggest factor in determining the type you need.

1. Aerial work platforms

The most common type of aerial work platform is a lift. Lifts bring you up and to a job that’s too high for a ladder or scaffolding. This platform is often used for a short- term solution or for a job that can be taken care of very quickly.

A good example of this kind of job is replacing all the light bulbs along warehouse ceilings.

With aerial work platforms, you need to be conscious of the work surface below your platform. Many lifts come equipped with large wheels to accommodate large holes in the ground, or they can be adjusted asymmetrically tonavigate uneven surfaces. This will ensure the platform is even and stable.

2. Scaffolding or permanently-installed platforms

These platforms are intended for work that will require ongoing access on a regular basis.

If you find yourself or your employees constantly requiring access to a particular section out of reach without a ladder, then scaffolding may be the solution for you.

Scaffolding can normally be constructed without taking up any critical storage space.

They are safe, very stable, and also very durable.

Consider consulting with a reputable online expert at a storage or racking specialty store to help you determine your exact needs.

Safety Requirements

There are a few general safety requirements no matter which work platform you use.

The platform must have rails at a height of four feet, and openings to the platform must be closed off

Final Thoughts

Take your time with your decision of what type of work platform is right for you.

A professional distributor can help you determine the sort of platform that is right for you.

Take your time, do your homework, and consult with a professional so that you ultimately invest in the best possible equipment for your facility